Jamie Baum

Top Flute Category in the Downbeat Critics Poll 2012 through 2016

No. 1 Rising Star in the Flute Category in the 2012 Downbeat Critics Poll

1998 through 2011 Rising Star (Top Ten) DownBeat Critics Poll

Nominated “Flutist of the Year” Jazz Journalists Assoc., ’05, ’06, ’09, ’10, ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15

“Major New International Talent” 2015 list – “Musica Jazz” and “Jazzit” (Italy)

“Jamie Baum exhibits remarkable artistic facility as composer/arranger/bandleader/flutist.”
— Dan Ouellette, DownBeat

“Baum is an exciting musician whose playing and composing are at the heart of one of the year’s most innovative projects.”
— Chuck Berg, JazzTimes

“Baum’s composing and arranging skills shine forth… Within these jazz frameworks there’s an uncanny aggregation of looseness and perfection.”
— Glenn Astarita, DownBeat

“She’s a commanding soloist with an understated soulfulness.”
— Kirk Silsbee, Jazziz

“Jamie Baum must be one of the most interesting new voices on improvised flute to be heard in recent years.”
— Linton Cheswick, Jazz Magazine (U.K.)

“A terrific New York-based jazz flutist, Baum’s music is edgy and challenging, but it doesn’t sacrifice emotions on the altar of modernism. It’s absolutely engaging.”
— Tim Carman, Houston Post

“Baum is an innovative virtuoso on an instrument that is not among the most common in jazz circles.”
— Jack Lloyd, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Flutist Jamie Baum is a master of chamber jazz textures… and an improviser of note, matching wits on her four CDs with such distinguished colleagues as Dave Douglas, Randy Brecker, Kenny Werner.”
— Stuart Boomer, Toronto Life

“When Jamie Baum releases a new album, many modern jazz aficionados take notice. Baum’s musical journey offers the drama and intensity of a cinematic thriller or cliffhanger, which is sure to keep her audience at the edge of their seats.”
— Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz

“Jamie Baum… is really rather unique; she is a fine composer, a technically accomplished flautist and she has ideas and imagination in abundance. Many players have some of these qualities but few possess them all.”
— Derek Ansell, Jazz Journal International (U.K.)

“Baum is that rare double-threat: a musician who can play and write equally well. Her gift for combining complexity with viscerally appealing rhythms and attractive melodies is certainly uncommon… (She) wends through the material with unerring grace, generating long flowing lines that yield nothing to her bandmates.”
— Alexander Gelfand, Jazziz

“Baum is one of the most accomplished jazz flutists of her generation. What sets her apart is the beauty of her tone combined with what I can only call a weightiness-like a baseball pitcher who throws a “heavy” fastball that makes it almost unhittable. Think gravitas, not overbearing.”
— Jan P. Dennis, Audiophile Audition

“Jamie bestows on us moments of incomparable mastery… not only for the bravura of the flutist, but for the way in which it manages to draw the listener into (her) labyrinths.”
— Stefano Benini, FalaUT MAGAZINE (Italy)

“In the hands of this fearless improviser… the flute is a wicked, double-edged wand capable of filigreed lyricism and slicing contrapuntal lines…”
— Gwen Kelly, Hot House Jazz

“Jamie Baum has a real gift for composition… Her intonation is spot-on perfect and her compositions never fail to be original and inventive…she obviously has a flair for melody.”
— Cadence Jazz Magazine

“Baum’s music finds an intriguing balance between motion and suspension… between smoothly driving grooves and the cool, ambitious, almost suspended feel of the horn charts…”
— Nate Dorward, Cadence Magazine

“That sense of musical freedom, an unwillingness to limit herself simply to staid through-composed pieces, post-bop jazz classicism, or free improv experimentalism, but to mix and match the elements that suit her needs on a piece-by-piece basis, is what sets Baum apart from many of her peers.”
— Stewart Mason, All Music Guide