Sharp Five - Intersect

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  1. The Touch of Your Lips (R. Noble)
  2. Once There Was (J. Baum)
  3. Shadow’s Reflection (A. Miller)
  4. The End of a Love Affair (E. Redding)
  5. 1 RS (A. Miller)
  6. Letter To A Poet (J. Baum)
  7. For Rachel (N. Parrott)
  8. Speak, Memory (R. Piket)
  9. Where or When (L. Hart & R. Rogers)

Sharp Five

Jamie Baum – flutes
Virginia Mayhew – tenor/soprano sax
Roberta Piket – piano
Nicki Parrott – bass
Allison Miller – drums

Recorded: August 25, 1999 at Foxhaven Studios, Maryland by Jon Miller
Mixing and Mastering: Bob Ward
Art & Design: John McKenna

Produced by Sharp Five

Consensus Records CR-065

Sharp Five

When one hears that five of New York’s busiest jazz musicians joined forces to create Sharp Five, and to make their recording Intersect, the phrase “pickup band” may come to mind. The term implies a random group of players getting together in the studio for what is little more than a jam session.

While it is true that the members of Sharp Five, all women, each have flourishing careers of their own, this was not a pickup band. These artists had known each other for years, having played together in various contexts as sidewomen and leaders. Those years of interaction were manifested in the musical rapport heard on this recording, in the way they ebb and flow as one entity. It should also be noted that all the band members contributed compositions and/or arrangements for this CD.

Although the writing and playing styles of these musicians are diverse, a common foundation deeply rooted in the jazz tradition gives them a point of mutual understanding, a place where musical values and aesthetics intersect.

In Sharp Five, several of New York’s best fuse their highly individual viewpoints into a brand new whole. They include Jamie Baum, Virginia Mayhew, Roberta Piket, Nicki Parrot and Allison Miller.

Sharp Five completed a tour in the mid-west, performing to enthusiastic crowds and giving several clinics and workshops. Notable performances include the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, the East Coast Jazz Festival, the Bermuda Jazz Festival, Capitol JazzFest (MO) and at the Blue Note Jazz Club (NYC).

“(This ensemble) composed entirely of women left a big impression. Sharp Five boasts an exceptionally gifted front line–flutist Jamie Baum and saxophonist Virginia Mayhew–in addition to the harmonically venturesome pianist Roberta Piket and the tasteful Maryland-bred drummer Allison Miller…and the wonderfully nimble and melodic playing of Australian-born bassist Nicki Parrott.” —The Washington Post