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Sight Unheard demonstrates again and again (that) the jazz flute can be powerfully expressive in the right hands. There isn’t a moment here where the flute seems superfluous to the setting, as if it were tacked on for merely ornamental purposes. Rather it maintains a crucial role in the mix, providing not just melodic pleasure and contrasting colors but a compelling emotional tension, as well…. Yet even more important is the close and striking rapport Baum has developed with her collaborators. As a result, the ensemble’s level of interplay is consistently inspired and inventive.”
— Mike West, The Washington Post

“Baum is an exciting musician whose playing and composing are at the heart of one of the year’s most innovative projects. The simpatico between Baum and   (Dave) Douglas is a thing of stark beauty. So, too, the conversations with her other colleagues. Eerily beautiful, this is new and challenging music which also speaks to the heart.”
— Chuck Berg, Jazz Times 

“She pairs herself in the frontline with trumpeter Dave Douglas, who keeps Baum on her toes, but she never gives an inch…”
— Steve Futterman, Jazziz

“★★★★ Jamie Baum exhibits remarkable artistic facility as composer/ arranger/bandleader/flutist. Invigorating, at times exciting and never predictable, SightUnheard is highly recommended. The marquee matching on the disc is Baum and Douglas, whose interplay oftentimes scintillates.”
— Dan Ouellette, DownBeat

“One of the few modern jazz flautists around, Baum proves on her second CD that she’s quite a composer as well. Baum’s music is smooth and intelligent, with an abstract surface but a strong, underlying sense of swing.”
— Option Music Magazine

  1. Seven Sides To The Story
  2. Sight Unheard
  3. Aftermath
  4. Evolution
  5. Una Muy Bonita (Ornette Coleman)
  6. In The Offing
  7. Time Frame
  8. The Ambivert
  9. Down The Way

All compositions by Jamie Baum © Lynnjam Music BMI
Except track 5 by Ornette Coleman

Jamie Baum – flute, alto flute
Dave Douglas – trumpet
Kenny Werner – piano
Roberta Piket – piano
Drew Gress – bass
Jeff Hirshfield – drums

Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller (GM Recordings)
Associate Producers: Jamie Baum, Richie Beirach, Dave Binney
Recorded at Steve Davis Studio, N.Y. and at at Systems Two, N.Y.
Mixed and Edited by Bob Ward at Current Sounds, N.Y.

GM ‎– GM 3031CD

On this, her second CD as a leader, flutist and composer Jamie Baum has created a powerful and fresh musical landscape for us to enter into. It is a sonic journey, and really quite an avalanche of new, creative and wonderfully played music!

Playing an instrument well is no guarantee of putting together a good band, and more importantly, a great CD. Jamie has, as well as her passion and musicality, deep organizational talent. And her flutes, both soprano and alto, are made to sound here at times cajoling, inquisitive, pleading, triumphant and exalting! Just listen to the range of emotion and the scope of her musical view on Evolution — especially the alto flute intro. The dimension of her compositional vision is characterized by a beautiful, organic flow of ideas, assisted by an unusual attention to detail.

She has assembled a masterful combination of vivid musical personalties: trumpeter Dave Douglas gives his huge sound, personal warmth and brilliant inventiveness to the ensemble. Pianist Kenny Werner contributes his energy, humor and, especially on his solo piano intro to Sight Unheard, a wonderful release of emotion and a torrent of spontaneous musical ideas. Jeff Hirshfield, on drums, gives the ensemble fire, polish and drive. He is really “heard” on both Time Frame and Una Muy Bonita (Jamie’s arrangement of Ornette Coleman’s piece). The contributions of Roberta Piket on piano (on tracks 1,6,7,8,9 ) and Drew Gress on bass round out a group of committed and quite brilliant young players.

But it is Jamie’s composing, arranging, and playing skills that move me most. I see her influences coming from contemporary music as well as jazz. But it is the spirit of Stravinsky, Bartok, Ligeti and Webern that permeate, not the letter. Also, of course — Coltrane, Ornette and Miles.

This CD is a beautiful culmination of Jamie’s incredible talent, hard work and devotion to creative and individual music. I recommend this music to everyone, everywhere — Sight Unheard. –Richie Beirach ’96

SIGHT UNHEARD brings to mind and body all the beauty music has to offer. The Jamie Baum Quintet explores and discovers all of these magical places. I love the tone of this ensemble with Jamie’s deep rich sound on flute and Dave Douglas’ pure approach in the front line. Jeff Hirshfield plays with such a beautiful imagination and creates a wonderful dialogue within each piece. Kenny Werner is one of my favorite musicians of all time. He’s all music. Roberta Piket contributes nicely throughout, and Drew Gress is so supportive. He searches and finds the right spaces and notes!! This is one of the freshest quintets I’ve heard in a long time!! -Joe Lovano

“This is some of the best small group writing I have ever heard.  Jamie uses the texture of flute and trumpet in a very artistic manner and for me Dave Douglas and Drew Gress stand out particularly. This is some very challenging music but with great beauty.” -David Liebman